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    R. Emmylou Dooly

    ABOUT ME - Part 1.
    I'm so glad you are here and want to know more about us. Here's the scoop (part 1): I'm Emmylou and I've owned The Pitter Pat Boutique since 2010.


    Our magic happens in a home studio in Winston Salem, NC. I grew up just north of here in Quaker Gap, NC. I actually met my fiancee when we were in HS, but our paths didn't cross romantically until in 2018 (but 2018 is skipping ahead a bit). I graduated from UNC-CH in 2000 - Go Heels! (We also support the hometown WFU Deacons.)


    Fast forward from 2000 to now and we've got 4 kids - my 3 and his 1. There are 3 teens and a pre-teen - send help! There's also 3 dogs. I've got my own circus here!

    Part 2 to come soon - I'll tell you how TPPB got started.

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